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How can I get this to work? What am I doing wrong? A: I'm the author of that repo. You just need to update your npm packages like this: $ npm update No need to update the package index. What you did was try to install the packages in the wrong directory, I suspect. What you probably want is to install them in the main directory. You can install as npm install tempmix --save-dev. This installs tempmix into your dev dependencies. After this you have two options: Add "tempmix" to the list of things you use in your index.js file. This will cause you to have to delete the packages you are currently using. Use the --save flag to install them to a different directory. You can use this with any npm package. Author Topic: Masterpiece "The Tragically Hip" (Read 509 times) Fellow Hip fans. Anyone else anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees? I'm starting to think I might have to pull a J.D. Salinger and do away with all my Christmas shopping and instead go on a "Hip-fest" kick. I'm not going to ask for free tattoos or the winner's food for a year. I'm just going to buy a small jewelry store in my neighborhood, and put all the proceeds to good use with Hip-related donations. I'd like to come up with some sort of idea with my girlfriend about how to tie all this together, or at least convince her to buy me some Hip CDs while I go have a "celebrity" holiday dinner with some celebrity musicians and wait for the announcement. So far, so good. The Hip has been nominated four times, and it looks like I might have to pull an Ace Frehley and go "Rock The Bells" instead. I also like the idea of keeping things in Ontario with the Hip being nominated for a fifth time, since that's where they all grew up. That said, I'm doing a little bit of research on the Hip's Band To Band interviews. I'm curious if anyone has noticed any oddities in the interviews, like really unusual interpretations of song lyrics or talking points. I'm also hoping some of the other musicians I listen to can shed some light on the world of rock stars




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La Cuisine Thermomix Au Quotidien Pdf glenran

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